who (you)

A note about privacy.

Let’s face it: technology is creepy, and getting creepier every day.  Pictures of me and pictures of you exist in far too many places, and the uses to which they can be put. . . . I don’t like to think about it.  I like privacy.  Still, here you and I are, on the Internet, looking at pictures of (mostly) people, because that’s (mostly) what I shoot and what I post, and (mostly) nobody minds.  When in doubt and when possible, I ask permission; when necessary, I ask forgiveness.  If you happened to find yourself here — maybe we used to be friends, maybe we used to be something else, maybe we’re strangers but I caught you at a parade, or a coffeeshop, or at Kennywood — then for the record:

  • You look good.  Don’t you think you look good?  That’s why I posted it.  I’m not a genius.  I like things to be beautiful, including you.  Even if I don’t actually know you.
  • I identified you, if I identified you at all, by first name only.
  • This site is linked to no social media, because I don’t engage in social media. Didn’t I say I like privacy? So there is pretty much zero chance you’re going to “go viral.”  I’m not selling anything.  I’m not popular.  I have approximately one regular visitor, named Ron. Ron will respect your boundaries.

Still, if you’ve seen yourself on this site and you don’t like it, I understand. Just let me know. And down it comes.