who (me)

Stacy Hoffman veers suddenly into the third person to say that, unless she notes otherwise, all images are © 1994-2022 by Stacy Hoffman.


Stacy Hoffman is a (mostly film, mostly traditional darkroom) photographer living and working in Pittsburgh, PA. She is other things too, but those things are not important for this site.

Stacy Hoffman would prefer that you not call the photograph at left a selfie. She is a little bit of a snob that way.  It’s not her best quality. She’s working on it.

Stacy Hoffman has exhibited her work in a few galleries, which was kind of fun . . .


. . . and once in a Penn Avenue window, which was even more fun, and a number of times at Art All Night, which is quite a lot of fun, and you should do it too.  But as she doesn’t do this often, and as people don’t seem to hang out in her apartment and page through binders of her photographs as much as they used to, she decided to exhibit her twenty-plus-year retrospective (and new stuff) this way.

Stacy Hoffman is ambivalent about the Internet and may take down the entire site one day.  You never know.

Stacy Hoffman would prefer not to photograph your wedding, your baby, or your band, but she is a soft touch and might if you ask.  Maybe don’t ask.  But if you want to say or ask anything else, she would be very happy if you would write her a letter.