and now

Twenty, nineteen, eighteen . . . three, two, one. . . .

We’ve finished counting down from ’94.  Which brings us to:

May girls

In 2014, I exhibited work in public for the first time in a long time.  Lisa, who curates Studio 5013 on Penn Avenue, offered me any month I wanted.  I wanted May.

Because some things are always worth a little celebration.


1- bicycle obtained


And the month of May is one of them.


May girls 3


If you ever have the opportunity to exhibit in a storefront, I recommend it.  No worries about your gallery opening.  No worries about how much cheese and how many crackers to buy, no worries about who might have only come for the free beer.  No wondering why there are no red dots next to any of your pieces, no trying to hear what people are saying, no trying not to hear what people are saying.

For the occasion, I shot half film and half, uncharacteristically and with trepidation, digital.


Mary 3


Not everyone wants a May altar in the window of their home, but Lisa and Jeff are excellent sports.


2 - Enjoyable dance


Thanks for favors granted.